Award-winning musician and activist OMG Oumy Gueye performs My Sahel at in Dubai, raising awareness for climate issues in the Sahel African region. She talks about the link between climate change and migration in West Africa and most importantly addresses a message of hope for the young generation.

The My Sahel initiative that aims to raise awareness and funding for humanitarian action across West Africas Sahel region through Music, Visual Arts and Web3 Technology. The 'My Sahel' initiative is a ground-breaking and innovative project led by Conscious Music Group and TokenTraxx in support of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), aims to raise awareness and funding to address the urgent humanitarian crisis in the Sahel through a fusion of music, art, and cutting-edge web3 technology. The centrepiece of the initiative is the My Sahel song, a one-of-a-kind vocal and instrumental collaboration between some of the regions most renowned musicians: With the significant of impact climate change, escalating conflicts, food insecurity and widespread poverty, the Sahel region is in urgent need of global attention and support.