Nobel Literature Laureate Wole Soyinka delivered an address in 1993 to the World Conference on Human Rights as a special guest of the UN Secretary-General.

The Nigerian writer refuted the notion that human rights are imposed by the West. We reject those allied categorizations: Western ideas versus the rest. This is a flawed, opportunistic division designed to taint those on the side of freedom with notions of treachery to their own kind and collaboration with the enemy, he said. Any suggestion that freedom of expression is a luxury of the West insults the historic struggles of individuals and communities all over the world for the dignity and wellbeing of their kind, for social fulfillment, equality of opportunity, equitable sharing of resources, access to shelter, nourishment and health.

Utilizing material from the UN Audiovisual Library, this production highlights the renowned writers commitment to universal human rights and the indispensable value of freedom.?